Quadrant Group (NZ) Ltd – Privacy Statement

At Quadrant we are fully committed to protecting your privacy, in accordance with the New Zealand statutory requirements and principles outlined in the Privacy Act 2020, and as we work closely with the three New Zealand credit reporting companies the Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2020. We will store and use your information for the purposes and in the ways set out in this Statement.

You can access a complete copy of the Privacy Act 2020 here https://privacy.org.nz/privacy-act-2020/codes-of-practice/ or the Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2020 here https://www.privacy.org.nz/assets/Codes-of-Practice-2020/Credit-Reporting-Privacy-Code-2020-website-version.pdf

Collecting your Personal Information

We collect your personal information that is reasonably necessary when we perform debt collection services for ourselves and our clients. Personal information we collect typically includes your name, contact information, date of birth, gender, your interactions with us, and certain employment and financial information.

Where possible, we shall collect personal information directly from you. We may also collect information from other publicly available sources, and in this instance your authorisation is not required. In some cases, your personal information may be provided to us by other sources such as family members, friends, or third party associates, credit reporting agencies or our clients.  Where we have collected information from other sources we will take reasonable steps to advise you of information stored.

What we may use your personal information for

We may use your information for any or all the following purposes.

  • To contact you, identify you and respond to your enquiries
  • To assess your ability to repay your debt
  • To assist with the ongoing management of your account
  • To ensure Quadrant complies with relevant legislation

Quadrant may also share your personal information with

  • Our authorised agents who provide services to Quadrant
  • Credit reporting companies who may then use the information to provide credit reporting to their clients
  • Our legal advisors
  • Government agencies such as the Courts
  • Your authorised agents including your legal advisors, budgeting and financial advisors

Compliance with the law

Quadrant may be legally required to provide your personal information to a third party such as a government department i.e. Inland Revenue, Police etc.

In most instances any request for the release of your personal information will be accompanied with a specific legal requirement. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that any request is legitimate and required under the law. There may potentially be instances where your personal information is required urgently to prevent personal harm to either yourself or someone else or the law prevents us from advising you prior to Quadrant releasing the information.

How Quadrant will protect your personal information

Quadrant takes reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we hold is accurate. We have implemented reasonable security measures and processes to ensure your personal information stored is secure and protected from misuse, loss, unauthorised access or disclosure.

You may request Quadrant to provide you with details of the personal information we hold about you. You will be required to provide enough information to verify your identity before we give information to you. We will provide the information to you for no fee.

If you find that the information is inaccurate then you may request us to correct that information. To do this you can email us on privacy@quadrantgroup.co.nz

Contacting Quadrant

Quadrant is committed to ensuring your personal information is gathered correctly and kept accurately. If you have any concerns, please contact us by any of the following.

Write to:

Privacy Officer
Quadrant Group (NZ) Ltd
PO Box 9107
Tower Junction
Christchurch 8149

Telephone: 0800 QUADRANT  (0800 782372) and request to speak with the Privacy Officer

Email: privacy@quadrantgroup.co.nz